Children’s Counselling

Our child psychology & family counselling therapists think children sometimes experience difficulties in their lives that cause them to struggle emotionally or impacts on their behaviour. Often these difficulties can be managed within the family, however at times children and families benefit from additional support. NDIS funding for child psychology can be obtained from the Australian government NDIS website.

During these times counselling can often assist children and their families by helping the child to understand their life experiences, to identify their feelings and to develop healthy and appropriate ways to express these.

Services Covered by NDIS Funding for Child Psychology in 2020

Counselling assists children and their families; following a specific event or trauma; with issues experienced during various stages of development; to successfully adapt to changes within their world; to manage difficult behaviours; and to cope with painful emotions.

Research has shown that experiences in childhood and how children make sense of these greatly impact who they become as adults. Counselling can help children heal and grow.

Some of the issues that PACT’s therapists help children and their families deal with include;

– Family changes such as separation or divorce or becoming a stepfamily
– Anxiety
– Depression
– Grief and Loss
– Issues of sexual abuse
– Issues of physical abuse or neglect
– Foster and adoption issues
– Bullying
– Bonding and attachment issues
– Low self-esteem
– Challenging behaviours
– School difficulties
– Toileting issues

Please note that this list merely provides an idea of the areas PACT can assist your child/family in. Should the “issue” your child/family is facing not be listed, please feel free to contact us by telephone or email to discuss whether we can help you. Most of the time we will have experience working with that issue. However, should we feel it is out of the realm of our training and experience we will endeavour to refer you to a therapist who can help.


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