About Us

PACT Psychology Service’s approach is based upon the belief that growth and change occurs through self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-responsibility and the healing of past traumas. As such, PACT therapists provide confidential counselling and psychotherapy whereby you examine your current difficulties such as drug addiction and patterns of behaviour as well as heal the painful experiences that are affecting your life now.

Kirstin established PACT Psychology Services in 1995. Due to PACT’s growth, Kirstin has since invited her colleagues (see picture below) to join the team. All PACT therapists have been helping people deal with a broad range of issues for many years. They have the necessary qualifications and experience to assist you effectively, respectfully and with compassion. They are all registered with the Psychologist’s Board of WA and other relevant professional bodies and are able to provide psychological counselling via the Medicare Better Mental Health Scheme.

They continue to develop their personal and professional lives by engaging in training and have even “sat in the hot seat” themselves when life has thrown its curve balls. They are committed to assisting clients move beyond their distress and pain towards a more fulfilling life and work with integrity, honesty and respect.