Most large organisations today use the expertise of Psychologists to assist their business practices. Such services are typically referred to as Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). They provide employees with the opportunity to access professional counselling to assist them address either work or personal issues. In turn, the business experiences ongoing productivity, increased performance, higher retention rates and fewer stress claims.


PACT Psychology Services specialises in providing small to medium businesses with an EAP. In consultation with you, PACT Psychology Services tailors an EAP to suit your needs and budget. Our current EAP clients include businesses within the recruitment, finance and accounting, resources and legal industries. The services we provide them with include;

– Personal issues (see the General & Forensic pages for a list of issues)
– Conflict
– Stress
– Bullying / harassment
– Critical incidents
– Mediation
– Workshops (see the “Workshops” webpage for further details)