Psychology For Addiction

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1. an agreement, covenant, or compact; 2. mutual agreement, an agreement made between two or more groups or individuals, either formally or informally to do something together or for each other (Encarta Dictionary).

Therapy for alcohol and drug addiction we can helpThere are times in our lives where we experience difficulties that cause distress for ourselves and perhaps even conflict in our relationships due to drug abuse or alcoholism. Most of the time we can sort these difficulties out on our own. However, there are times when we get “stuck” and need some assistance for drug and alcohol abuse counselling with a psychologist as part of an alcohol detox and drug rehabilitation program.

The therapists at PACT Psychology Services can help you resolve these issues and make meaningful and long lasting change in your life using a range of therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy and SoundPath music therapy for addiction sufferers.

PACT Psychology Services provides counselling, psychotherapy and assessment services for those experiencing difficulties in their lives, with their addictions and in relationships and the workplace.

Caroline McDougall
Caroline McDougall