Counselling and Psychotherapy

PACT Psychology Services provides counselling and psychotherapy for children teenagers and adults and for individuals, couples, families, groups and organisations and recovering alcoholics.

PACT’s therapists can assist you address a wide range of issues. Kirstin and her team of practitioners have undertaken formal training and have many years of experience in counselling, psychology and psychotherapy.

It is important to know that the way in which your PACT therapist will help you address your issues depends upon the nature of the issue itself. Some matters that clients wish to address are best suited to counselling. This typically implies a more focused, shorter term and solution-oriented process.

However other issues, particularly those that originate in childhood or are long-standing, often respond better to psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is usually a longer-term process and allows for the deeper exploration of the origins of the difficulty, patterns of behaviour, core beliefs and relational style.

When you contact PACT, please feel free to discuss your issue so that you can gain an idea of which process may best help you. However, should you feel uncomfortable to do so over the telephone, you may wish to take up PACT’s offer of a free half an hour consult to discuss this further.