Couple’s Therapy

There are many reasons why couples can experience difficulties in their relationship ranging from disagreements regarding parenting to concerns, drug and alcohol abuse and in regard to trust and commitment.

Sometimes it can seem that these difficulties are not able to be overcome. Although, this perception is sometimes a reality, it is also possible that with a little work and guidance many of these difficulties can be resolved and/or managed.

In many ways, a relationship is like a garden – it takes a little work to get it to flourish and be healthy and strong. The benefits of such work can be very rewarding and satisfying.

At PACT Psychology service we have psychologists experienced in couples counselling who can help couples:

– Improve and increase communication with each other;
– Develop a nurturing, more cohesive and more fulfilling relationship;
– Reduce interrelationship conflict; and
– Harness the couples and each individuals strengths