Forensic psychology is a unique area of professional practice and one that requires specialist training and experience.

PACT Psychology Services actually originated in the forensic arena in 1995, providing counselling, psychotherapy and psychological assessment services with victims and offenders.


Although it expanded it’s service provision in 1997 to include the “everyday person”, PACT Psychology Services continues to be sought out by individuals and professional bodies to provide these specialist services.

The forensic issues that PACT Psychology Services can assist you with include;

– Trauma
– Victim issues
– Substance use
– Offending behaviour (particularly sexual and violent)
– Family breakdown
– Custody/ Residence and Contact/ Visitation (as they were formerly known)

Please note that Kirstin is a regularly appointed Court Expert in both the Family and Criminal Courts and can undertake psychological assessment or counselling and provide a report within these arenas. Danja is able to undertake and provide psychological assessments for compensation matters such as work-related injury, injury sustained from motor vehicle accidents and being a victim of crime.