Groups & Workshops

Teaching Your Kids Protective Behaviours

“Teaching your Kids Protective Behaviours” is a workshop for parents. “Protective behaviours” are strategies based on two key concepts; “every child has a right to feel safe” and “nothing is so bad that you can’t talk about it”. As a parent, you can use these to help your child identify times they are feelings unsafe and what they can then do about it. It will also help parents learn how to create a safe environment for children to speak about their concerns and how to respond and manage if a disclosure does occur.

Beware: Cyber Predator

“Beware: Cyber Predators” is a workshop for 9-17 year olds. It teaches children how to protect themselves against online sexual predators who seek out children to groom and possibly sexually offend against. By attending the workshop, children can learn strategies of how to recognise risky individuals, what to do if they do spot them or are concerned, and methods for how to keep themselves safe online. If your child / children use the internet…… them gain the tools they need to protect themselves and keep safe on line. After all, there is only so much that computer software can do to protect your child.

Group Therapy for Individuals with Mood and Anxiety Disorders

PACT Psychology Services facilitates a 6-week group for individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and/or obsessive-compulsive disorder and addiction. The group is designed to equip participants with skills to assist them better manage (and at times resolve) these kinds of difficulties. Therapists are down to earth, friendly and supportive and subsequently create an environment conducive to discussion, growth and mastery.

Sessions focus upon assisting participants to better understand how the various strategies presented, will assist them with their problems. Most importantly, the group is highly experiential and therefore provides participants with opportunities to rehearse the skills / strategies as they apply to themselves. The context of group also provides a unique and healing dynamic which is not found in individual psychotherapy. As such, this group can be useful as a “stand alone” treatment or in conjunction with individual therapy and/or medication.

The group meets for 2-hours each week, over 6 weeks. PACT Psychology Services offers two options for session times; 10am – 12noon & 6pm – 8pm. Each member is invited to attend a free follow-up session, 1-month after completing the group. Medicare rebates are available for this specific group if referred by a GP.

Self Awareness Group

Life can become both meaningful and joyful when we know the greater truth of who we are.

PACT Psychology Services runs regular personal development groups. These are designed for individuals who feel there should be ‘more to life’ and wish to improve their lives through significant self awareness and growth. It is recognised that when we fully understand ourselves, we can better understand others.

Clients who have completed this group have experienced significant improvements in their relationship with themselves, their spouses, children, family members, work colleagues and staff.

The Self Awareness Group is offered on a weekly basis for 2-hour sessions over a 12 month period, in 10 week modules. The group also includes weekend workshops involving a range of psychological therapies and techniques.

The Self Awareness Group is considered a cost effective way to undergo individual therapeutic intervention aimed at creating long-term personal growth.


Retirement …Do you know what you’ll be doing for the next 25+ years of your life? Not only is your working life a source of income, routine and social contact, it also provides “intangibles” such as intellectual challenge, achievement, a sense of purpose and a belief that you are valued.

It is no wonder then that those of you who enjoy your working lives, worry that retirement will mean the end of all these “intangibles”. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Based on countless discussions with pre-retirees, PACT Psychology Services has developed the RetireReady workshop. This workshop guides you through a process of self-reflection to assist you create your vision and establish a clear plan of action to ensure you achieve the retirement you want.

Participants will identify the “intangibles” that their working lives have provided, their “purpose” at this stage of their lives and what they value. In doing so, they are able to develop a retirement that will fulfill them.

Corporate Workshops

PACT Psychology Services offer a wide range of workshops that will assist your employees in their personal and professional lives. These include; living with differences (conflict resolution), stress, time and anger management, microcounselling skills for management and interpersonal skills and effective communication.